have got a little cocky

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"It's just been nice that they have remembered Derek. Other riders were still in their seats as they fell.Tyler Jarrell, 18, of Columbus, was thrown about 50 feet and pronounced dead on the midway. The Marine Corps and school officials said Jarrell enlisted last week and was going to begin basic training next summer after his high school graduation."That was just this past Friday. Then he goes to the state fair and he is involved in this horrible tragedy. Spring B: Abingdon Utd v Cumnor Minors, Summertown Spartans v Chalgrove Cavaliers. Spring C: Botley Boys v Oxford Blackbirds, East Oxford Utd v Faringdon Tn. Spring D: Grove Chall v Benson Utd.. Last season, Urban stayed healthy, playing in all 16 games as a backup in the Ravens D line rotation. He notched two sacks and gradually began to see what he could become as an NFLer, especially late in the season. Head coach John Harbaugh rattled his cage a bit during a Dec. 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Vick was jailed and suspended by the league for his role in a dogfighting ring before recently signing with Philadelphia. On a smaller scale of negative public relations, Cutler unhappily forced his way out of Denver and was traded to Chicago. And Favre has frustrated fans not to mention alienated many loyalist supporters of his old team in Green Bay with his indecision.. Compared with other professional sports fans, NFL fans throw the best pre game parties, cheer the loudest during games, and then celebrate wins with unparalleled zeal. The NFL season consists of only 16 regular season games, compared with 82 NBA games and 162 Major League Baseball games. 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